Friday, 19 October 2007

Tragic News - Hiwa's father has died

Mr. Ali Butimar, Hiwa Butimar’s father, passed away on Friday morning 12/10/07 due to the pause in a verse in the age of 85. Hiwa Butimar, a journalist and environmental activist has already been sentenced to death by the Iranian revolutionary supreme court and he is anticipating his verdict execution in Sanandaj prison (Capital of Kurdistan Province).

Hiwa’s father, Mr. Ali Butimar, has left this world with great regret after seeing his imprisoned son for the last time. The Iranian Intelligence Service has forbidden any visiting of the family members for their imprisoned son since his capture last winter. Ultimately, due to the pressure of human rights organisations and international demonstrations, the Iranian Intelligence Service agreed with visiting of family members for their son.

Mr. Ali Butimar, was visited his son for a short time, in Sanandaj prison a month ago, but the prison commissioners did not let them to speak directly and face to face. They managed father and Son to speak through a phone line on opposite sides of a thick glass wall, where officers on both sides watched on and tracked their conversation.

This situation had fatal effects on Mr. Ali Butimar, since he was an old man and emotionally destroyed from his son's death sentence, and also the way the jail’s commissioners have treated his imprisoned son. These were coinciding with Hiwa’s hunger strike as a protest against his unfair death sentence and his condition in Jail.

In addition to all these horrendous circumstances for Mr. Ali Butimar, his older son Mr. Hadi Butimar, had to leave Iran as a result of his political activities against the Iranian government, to save his life nearly 6 years ago. He was not able to see his father and be with him in his final moments.

All these difficulties and unpleasant and unbearable events on Mr. Ali Butimar’s family from of Iranian Government, led him to having a stroke and then finally closing his eyes for ever from all these unevenness and injustice which have dominated the Kurdistan area. He was hopeful to see freedom one day and to live in liberty and autonomy.

We are all, as sons of Mr. Ali Butimar, hopeful to live in liberty and autonomy one day, and we are doing our best to achieve this. One day...


Carl Martin said...

what does "pause in a verse" means?

Anonymous said...

hi Carl. Hadi his son wrote the piece. I'm assuming it's a Kurdish idiom/euphemism for death. If so, it's a rather lovely way to describe dying, as if life was a poem and we are its readers. -Andy