Friday, 31 August 2007

Appeal from Martin Hadi- brother of Hiwa

"The two imprisoned men have been visited by their solicitors in the Intelligence Services Jail in the city of Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province. According to their advocates they have been on hunger strike since they were moved from Mariwan jail into Sanandaj more than a month ago (40 days) and are therefore in very poor health indeed. The reasons for their hunger strike are the behaviour of Sanandaj Jail commissioners and in order to attract the attention of the Iranian justice authority to change their unfair death verdict.

The solicitors have written to the Sanandaj Jail authority but they have denied any changes in the conditions of the two imprisoned men. The Sanandaj Jail authority has mentioned that any changes in the conditions and circumstances of Mr. Hassanpour and Mr. Butimar are the direct responsibility of the head of the Iranian Justice Faculty, Ayatullah Mahmood Hashemi Sha.

We appeal to the Red Crescent to intervene with the jail authorities and Ayatullah Mahmood Hashemi Sha to allow them to provide medical help for Mr. Adnan Hassanpour and Mr. Abdulwahed (Hiwa) Butimar before their health deteriorates any further. This is extremely urgent please.

Hadi Butimar